BC Babycare Established "Babycare White Conch Care Fund" to Support Pain-Free Childbirths


World Day of Pain Relief is held on the third Tuesday of October every year. The day aims to raise public awareness of pain management and analgesic treatment, helping people better understand the impact of pain on individuals and society, while emphasizing the importance of analgesic treatment in improving quality of life and restoring health.

Starting in 2022, Bc Babycare, has established the "Bc Babycare White Conch Care Fund" to support pain-free childbirths for families in need. This marks the launch of the first pain-free childbirth subsidy project in China, which aims to alleviate the financial burden of pain relief during childbirth for families who can not afford it.

Bc Babycare hopes to promote the idea that "a mother's love doesn't need to be proven through pain."

To support more mothers in choosing pain-free childbirth, Bc Babycare has increased the initial 100 subsidy spots to 650, by reducing budgets in other areas to fully support this public welfare project.

According to the Chief Brand Officer of Bc Babycare, "the issue of childbirth pain is closely related to our 45 million users and every one of us. Being able to help more women avoid the pain of childbirth through scientific education, subsidies and other means, even if it's just a little bit of help, is incredibly valuable to us."

Through its dedication to corporate social responsibility, Bc Babycare is making a positive impact on society and striving to create a more supportive and inclusive community.

Bc Babycare's commitment to the "Bc Babycare White Conch Care Fund" represents its ongoing effort to promote the well-being of families across the country, and it is a testament to the company's values of compassion and care.