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Dinosaur Weighted Straw Sippy Cup - 10oz,5oz

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6+ months

Baby-safe, soft silicone weighted straw

100% leak-proof click-and-lock design

BPA-free PPSU & Tritan® material

Dishwasher-safe & impact-resistant

Reasons to Love

  • V-type learning sippy suitable for breastfed babies, if the baby does not accept, please replace it with straight sippy (No bite required). Recommend for babies over 6months.
  • Click-and-lock design allows easy open/close for baby to use.
  • PPSU & Tritan material bottle body, the FDA approved material in USA provides for high heat resistance and durability, lightweight and drop resistant. Food-grade silicone material straw is gentle on gums.
  • 100% leak-proof seal - The well-sealed sippy cup won't leak even if it falls off the dining table or stroller.
  • Weighted ball straw cups make it easy for kids to drink water in any comfortable position.
  • Rinse with water before use. steam or boil for 1-2 minutes. Dishwasher safe.


What’s in the box?
T-rex Weighted Straw Sippy Cup x 1
Shoulder strap x 1
Straight sippy *1

Dimensions (W x H x L)

3.4” * 3.4” * 6”
10 oz / 300ML


0.55 lbs

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Dinosaur Weighted Straw Sippy Cup - 10oz,5oz

T-rex Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

Spill-free sipping habits starts here.

A spill-proof cup with unique straw design for anti-choking drinking.

Drink water in any comfortable position.

Drink water in any comfortable position.

Weighted straw allows your baby to hold the cup at any angle

V-typed Valve Straw

Designed for all babies learning to drink.

Spill-proof, anti-choking, the V-shaped design allows for one-way air inlet, which reduces air bubbles and prevent flatulence, making it safer for babies to drink.

Well-sealed design

No spills. No leakage.

Well-sealed design

No spills. No leakage.

Leak-proof lid and the seal ring keep the cup leak-proof even upside down.

How to install for a full leak-proofing result?

Children's Product Certificate

All Bc Babycare sippy cups are Children's Product Certificate and BPA-free, every sip is safe.

Food-Grade Material

Soft food-grade silicone sippy cups are gentle on the gums and protect your baby's teeth for healthy growth.

PPSU Sippy Cups

FDA-certified German BASF PPSU materials, strong and resistant to falling and high temperature(-4 - 356℉.)

Steam. Boil. Dishwasher-safe. 

Designed for any ways of cleaning.

How to install for a leak-proof result?


Will it leak?

Under normal use, there should be no concerns about leakage. However, it is recommended for parents to ensure that all parts are in good condition and properly installed. During live broadcasts, it is advisable to avoid putting liquids that are too hot (>50°C) into the cup to prevent a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cup, which could lead to leakage. If the cup is used by a baby, it is a good practice to remind them to close the lid tightly after drinking to prevent dust, dirt, and spills.

What should I do if my baby does not accept the Weighted Straw Sippy Cup?

A: If your baby does not accept the Weighted Straw Sippy Cup, you can try using a straight sippy cup that does not require biting.

What age range is the Weighted Straw Sippy Cup recommended for?

A: The Weighted Straw Sippy Cup is recommended for babies over 6 months of age.

Will the Weighted Straw Sippy Cup leak if it falls off the dining table or stroller?

A: No, the Weighted Straw Sippy Cup has a 100% leak-proof seal, so it won't leak even if it falls off the dining table or stroller.

Can it be used for milk?

This water cup is primarily designed for babies to drink water. The cup body is made of Tritan material. If it is used for soaking milk for an extended period, the fats in the milk may adhere to the cup body, which can accelerate the aging of the cup material and reduce the product's lifespan when subjected to boiling water sterilization. While it is acceptable for occasional use in emergencies, if you plan to regularly use it for milk, it is recommended to opt for a specialized baby bottle instead.

Is the handle fixed?

This water cup (5oz) features a detachable handle, which makes it convenient for parents to clean it regularly. If you directly hold the handle to pick up the cup without securing the lid tightly, it may cause the cup body to detach and result in damage to the cup. It is recommended to first secure the lid tightly before picking up the water cup.

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